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Created one beautiful sunny afternoon as a “what if” project, Swift for Arduino(TM) is all grown up now...

We think it is the most exciting new way to program embedded microcontrollers.


A market leading widely respected open source language, championed by IBM, Apple and many others...

Our one of a kind compiler that compiles swift to true native Arduino programs...

The app is a fully fledged standalone IDE style environment with many advanced features. It allows you to write and edit code easily, compile and upload your code directly onto your hardware.


Already have an Arduino UNO or similar board? Buy the IDE license now, download and within minutes you can be up and running. You need nothing more than your existing hardware and Mac.

If you are excited or interested by embedded development and swift but you haven’t yet bought any embedded development hardware, don’t worry! This is a one stop shop. We sell inexpensive but brilliant kits with an IDE license and starter board hardware to get you going. Buy today, and we will ship it to you ASAP. You can be up and running before you know it!


And if you haven’t heard of us before now, don’t worry, it’s still early days for our plans. You are getting in at the start. :)

Create a blink program in 30 seconds flat!!

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