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Finally! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- by Swanoop – Oct 31, 2019

"I've been tinkering with Arduino for years and was always frustrated by having to revert to writing code in C / C and a clunky IDE. I am so happy that I can now create Arduino projects with robust tools in in a modern language.

The ability to use Swift is awesome, but the IDE is also worth note. It is a real Mac app and has modern features that make you more productive.

I'll be using this my personal projects, but also with kids to get them going quickly blinking LEDs and moving motors. I'm super excited to see how this product and community advances over time.

If you do anything with Arduino, just get this. You won't regret it."



S4A Swift for Arduino IDE for those who own an Arduino Uno or similar/compatible devices. If you don't yet have hardware, we suggest you buy one of our starter packs today! (S4A Starter Box)

If you already have all the hardware you need, you can just purchase a license right now, download the product and get started!


You will get:

  • A license for the revolutionary Swift for Arduino IDE for macOS, including the v1 Swift for AVR cross compiler and proprietary AVR-Swift library.
  • True, full featured native mac app with syntax highlighting, multiple tabs and many other modern features
  • All upgrades for the IDE and v1 compiler and library are free forever and included in the price
  • Unlimited free round the clock online personalised support to make sure you have no trouble learning this new platform.
  • Amazing projects ready to get started right out of the box. Get coding in minutes!
  • A thriving community on Slack where we all chat, exchange ideas and even contribute to the future direction of the product!

One of a kind in its field. This is the only compiler that allows you to build Swift for an 8-bit microcontroller platform. Indeed, this is the first enterprise class compiled language for this sector apart from C/C++! All upgrades for the v1 compiler and library are free and included in the price.