How we got started

Back in Easter 2017, on a beautiful day, sat outdoors, basking in the sun, deep in the countryside a happy hacker named Carl suddenly had a bolt of incredibly exciting inspiration… he had hacked and loved his two little Arduino UNO boards for years, while in the daytime gently falling in love with the exciting new Open Source language Swift.  He recently found out about the arcane arts of LLVM, Chris Lattner’s ingenious “Low Level Machine” compiler system and he had learned much about the much loved AVR range of microcontrollers built into the heart of all the original Arduino boards... A hurried search with trembling hands… “is there an LLVM back end for the AVR microcontroller chips??”. The results made his heart soar… Two years before, on the other side of the world, a brilliant young man called Dylan had pulled together all the painstaking work needed to create this critical component.

Within a week, Carl had made the first proof of concept. A couple of lines of swift code, compiled into a blink sketch. Three months later, he presented it at the Swift London Meetup to applause and enthusiasm. A new language for the Arduino UNO was born! His friends Miles, Paul and Mark soon joined the team to build a great little IDE and a year later version 1.0 was released. To this day, the friends get together on Slack to laugh, joke and share soldering stories. Their passion is shown in every pixel and line of the Swift for Arduino IDE and compiler and now you too can join in the fun!


(Unfortunately, the launch talk for Swift for Arduino either no longer exists or I can't find it, due to the sad demise of SkillsMatter, where the talk took place and was kindly recorded by them. However the slides are still available here: