S4A Starter Pack
S4A Starter Pack
S4A Starter Pack
S4A Starter Pack
S4A Starter Pack
S4A Starter Pack

S4A Starter Pack

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Imagine unpacking your first microcontroller board, the dazzling bright red and yellow of a Seeeduino Lotus 1.1 board nestled lightly in your palm.

You open your MacBook, start Swift for Arduino and browse the tutorials looking for something fun…

“My First Rainbow”… that looks good. You tap to open the tutorial, follow the simple steps to assemble the hardware (no solder, no breadboards!) and do a quick check of your first Swift for Arduino program.

It looks good… you press upload… and watch your project spring into life. Suddenly a dazzling bright, beautiful rainbow springs from the neopixel strip and lights up your face, colours swiftly and smoothly cascading across it.

Now the fun starts! :)

(the additional parts variant is described)


This box contains an out of the box hardware solution for getting started writing Swift on 8 bit AVR microcontrollers such as the Arduino UNO. With a combination of the Swift for Arduino IDE and selected parts from the "Grove" range made by industry leading Seeed Studios, you can be up and running with a variety of fun projects right out of the box.

This is the ideal box set for people wanting to get started with S4A who do not yet have their own Arduino UNO and related hardware.  The only hardware you need is your Mac and this kit.

You can finally write code in safety for this critical and under served part of the IoT world.


Standard pack includes:

  • A download of the demo version of the the revolutionary Swift for Arduino IDE for macOS, including a demo version of the v1 Swift for AVR cross compiler.
  • Grove Lotus 1.1 board (a board with an atmega328p core, usb connector for programming/power and multiple "Grove" connectors)
  • a button board with built in yellow LED!
  • an LED board with red/green/blue/white alternative LEDs
  • USB cable for power/programming
  • Amazing projects ready to get started right out of the box. Get coding in minutes!
  • A thriving community on Slack where we all chat, exchange ideas and even contribute to the future direction of the product! 

Additional parts pack includes these extras:

  • "Grove" RGB LED stick (10 WS2813 mini LEDs)
  • "Grove" Temperature sensor
  • "Grove" servo motor

All you will need is your Mac, an internet connection to download the demo IDE and 5 minutes to get started!


More info...

Learn to program Arduino with all the power and without the pain, see this quick demo unboxing of the starter box (with the additional parts option) to see what it's like... 

 Or make a rainbow...

Or build a "Larson scanner"...



What is S4A (Swift for Arduino)?

One of a kind in its field. This is the only compiler that allows you to build Swift for an 8-bit microcontroller platform. Indeed, this is the first enterprise class compiled language for this sector apart from C/C++. All upgrades for the v1 compiler and library are free and included in the price.

Note: to upload code from Swift for Arduino onto the board, you will need a paid license, if you do not already have one we recommend that you (add an S4A IDE license to your order now). To make it all the sweeter, we offer you a 40% discount off your IDE license cost when purchased together with this pack!

If you're not ready to buy the IDE yet, we have included a download of the free version for now. This is the same as the full version but does not allow you to do builds without a subscription. Subscriptions cost $3 per month and come with a free one week trial so you can get started right away with no cost!


    (support is not included with the Lite product, we recommend you buy the full version of the IDE if you want our unlimited support option)





      We think you should buy the awesome upgraded variant, that is shown in the unboxing video and other videos. It contains even more grove parts to allow you to immediately begin making some fantastic fun projects. See what else you can get:

      • "Grove" RGB LED stick (10 WS2813 mini LEDs)
      • "Grove" Temperature sensor
      • "Grove" servo motor

      To select this really amazing upgrade for only a few dollars more, choose the "Additional Parts" variant above.


      (Please note: Swift for Arduino, S4A Elements and Petosoft Limited are not a part of Seeed Studios. We purchase the boards and sell them on to you more or less at our own cost price. We do not claim to speak on behalf of Seeed Studios. If you have a defective part, we will endeavour to help you, of course but Seeed Studios owes us no legal obligation.)